Cover Art by Kayleigh Wyckhouse


First Lady Aubrey Sampson leads a tranquil life in the sleepy suburb of Yorba Linda, California – until her husband of 25 years, Pastor Phillip Sampson, confesses that he fathered a son by a former church member. Aubrey’s world descends into chaos.

Donovan Upchurch sweeps into the church’s anniversary celebration, rushes the altar and lays himself at Phillip’s feet, crying “Abba, Abba”. As Donovan writhes on the floor, contorts his wiry body and growls in an otherworldly voice a swarm of ministers descend from the pulpit to “loose” the young man from demonic possession. Despite the ministers’ frantic efforts, Donovan’s demon spirit wins the battle.

While fighting to save her family and repel insurrectionist church board members, Aubrey discovers Phillip’s near lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. She steers skeptical police in the direction of Donovan, who vanished as mysteriously as he appeared, but they soon turn their gaze on the usual suspect, the woman scorned and contemplating divorce: Aubrey Sampson. In the midst of her CONFLICTION, can Aubrey find justice for Phillip…and reclaim her true self?