Frequently Asked Questions

Is GW Publishing LLC accepting manuscripts?

Answer: We are not accepting submissions at this time. Hopefully, we will be able to handle submissions in the future. Watch this space for that development.

Why did you use the First Lady of a church as your protagonist?

Answer: I wanted to humanize the position of First Lady. I have known quite a few First Ladies. We tend to put them in a box and many of them do not fit neatly inside the box. Because of my interest in religion, CONFLICTION gave me the opportunity to study scripture and to educate myself in the process of writing the book.

When will your next book be published?

Answer: The next book will be a children’s book. No publication date has been set. I am working on a new novel, but I am not ready to discuss it.

Will there be a sequel to CONFLICTION?

Answer: It depends on reader response to CONFLICTION. I love the characters in CONFLICTION so much that I am interested in exploring what happens to them in the future. For example, will Aubrey and Trent stay together?

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Answer: Keep writing even if you do not have a publisher. The publishing world has changed substantially since my first novel was published in the 1990’s. My first book, ARMS OF THE MAGNOLIA, was published by Fawcett Books, a division of Random House. It was the first African-American romance novel published by Random House. Fawcett Books also published my second novel, BEYOND THE FIRE. CONFLICTION is a total transition to the suspense thriller genre. When I think about it, there were elements of suspense in my earlier work as well. I began writing CONFLICTION without any intent to publish. I became so invested in the story and the characters that I kept writing until I was convinced that it was worthy to be released to the world.

Are people still buying books?

Absolutely. The Pandemic contributed to a boom in book sales. What else did we have to do? You can only binge-watch your favorite TV shows for so many hours without getting loopy. With the advent of e-books, fewer people are having the tactile experience of holding a book in their hands. I still enjoy turning the pages of a paperback or a hardcover book. CONFLICTION will be available in e-book format as well as paperback and hardcover. Enjoy your book any way you want it.